B.S. Geoteknik

Technologies for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are subject for increased investigation in all oil companies around the world. In order to overcome the average production of the OOIP of 30 per cent, EOR are applied in form of steam injection, water flooding and surfactant into the formation, this might, depending on the circumstances, add the total amount of recoverable oil in place (ROIP) with 10 – 20 per cent. The remaining amount of 50 -60 per cent of oil, which is considered as not recoverable due to the oil is being too thick, having a low API grade, represent many years of supply to the oil market as well as it represent an enormous value.

The oil sand, mainly situated in Canada and USA, represent another target for investigation. Today the most oil sand is being treated as open pit mining, and the oil separated from the sand on side. This leads to an environmental disaster, leaving the land back as demolished without vegetation and disturbed for generations. The target here would be to create a technology being able to extract the oil in-situ, letting the land being more or less undisturbed.

B.S. Geoteknik offers such new technology, being able to liquefy the heavy oil down in the formation. The Quaternary Oil Recovery (QOR) is based on EEOR or electrochemical enhanced oil recovery, there by applying a low DC current to the formation creates electrochemical reactions which in steps lead to a liquefaction of the heavy oil in place.