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Specialized company for remediation of contaminated sites with Electro Chemical Geo Oxidation

About US




B. S. Geoteknik was founded in the end of 1995 for serving Scandinavia in the field of environmental remediation of polluted soil and groundwater with the patented EGCO system (Electro Chemical Geo Oxidation). In 1997 the company was turned into a corporate entity as B.S. Geoteknik ApS., In the same time the worldwide exclusive rights for using the patented Technology was granted from the patent owners.

Experience from numerous projects, including an exclusive cooperation with RGS 90 for more than 8 years, on all their facilities in Scandinavia, have brought the technology to a higher level of standard in environmental remediation of polluted soil and Groundwater.

Our technical background is backed up by experienced electric engineers as well as geologists and physicians for revising and planning of site installation.