The QOR technology is an electro chemical based method for electric enhanced oil recovery by inducing a low electric DC current into the formation.

In the field it`s using the existing well casing as electrode. One setup consists of two electrodes, whereas one is an anode and the other a cathode.

The QOR Technology is based on two electro chemical processes, namely the GeoOxidation and the Geokinetic.

The GeoOxidation creates, in the formation, redox reactions, which in steps breaks down the long chained molecules, this means that the heavy oil is being transformed into lighter fractions. This stage of the process is called liquefaction. Full scale test have shown that oil with an API gravity of 15 over a period of 45 days is changed into an API gravity of 39 to 40.

The second stage of the process, Geokinetic, creates through electro osmosis a flow of oil and water towards the cathode. Full scale tests have shown an tenfold increase in the oil production.

The QOR Technology is used in normal producing oilfields as well as in deemed exhausted oilfields, but is specially developed for use in fields with heavy oil and in oil sand.